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Red and Blue Lake

Lakes are located near village Imotski. They are geomorphologic and hydrographical speciality.

Red lake is the most admirable karst’s effect. Red lake was (same as blue lake) originally subterranean lake, but the ceilings a subterranean halls brake down. Lake is in big sink hole; its walls are about 200m under the surface. Oxide of iron create red colour. The sink hole is deep 480 m, the averagely water deep is 300m. Diameter of lake is 200m. There is no access to the lake

Blue lake has a same origin; it is also located at the sink hole. Has a oval shape, is 800m long and 500 board. The deep of water is between 20 and 90m. Lake is sometimes dries up. Access to the lake is easy.
Blue lakeBlue lake
Blue lake
Red lakeRed lake
Red lake